I’d like to say I am a freediver, one of those guys or mermaids you admire in those inspiring videos, slipping effortlessly through a sea so clear they could be flying through the sky. The reality is I’m not really there yet, in fact I’m not there at all. I’m just starting my journey, but I hope to document it along the way as a reminder to myself and to others of what becoming a freediver entails and how things pan out when an average guy follows his aspirations to live in the sea.

This blog is as much for my own records as anyone else, but as time moves on I have realised that my experiences are quite similar to many others that embarks on this wonderful sport; the challenges of cold cloudy water, bad weather, buying new kit and wrestling with new suits are just a few of the growing pains we all go through, so hopefully by sharing my experiences, somebody, somewhere else, will benefit.

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