Crappy old snorkeling gear


I’m 48 yrs old, I live in the county of Devon in England and I have been  a struggling snorkeler for years and years. I’ve always had a mask and snorkel of some kind, and I’ve always made the most of it, sometimes at home on the coast where I live, and on holidays abroad or when I have spent time travelling. I struggled because I didn’t know what I was doing, never used weights to assist my descent and spent too much energy fighting my way down to have anything left in my lungs to enjoy it. And yet I am pretty fit, I swim a lot, I’m confident in the sea, and sitting in an armchair I can hold my breath for ages; so what’s wrong? On a trip to Greece last year I decided enough was enough and a few lessons would do me a world of good. Then I found some freediving videos on the web, and suddenly my ambitions doubled, or trippled; gotta do it.

Oh and this picture isn’t my freediving kit, it is shed junk.

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